Citizen One Media LLC is a For-Profit Organization.

Citizen One Media LLC is a for-profit company, owned and controlled by Citizen One Inc. Citizen One Media LLC was formed as a joint venture between Citizen One Inc. and a small group of qualified investors. Citizen One Inc. maintains 51% control of the Board of Managers and has ultimate authority over all business decisions.

The focus of Citizen One Media LLC, and its reason for existence, is to help fund Citizen One Inc. and to decouple the profit motive from the journalism and education operations of Citizen One Inc.

While political and advertising dollars and the need to capture audience can influence coverage at the national, regional and state level, our goal is to minimize its influence on journalism at Citizen One. This joint venture allows Citizen One Media LLC to handle all back-office business operations, including technical infrastructure, advertising, support, human resources, accounting, etc. so our team at Citizen One Inc. can focus on journalism and education.

This also enables Citizen One to qualify for the many journalism and media literacy grants available to organizations like ours, while at the same time, raising investment capital from qualified investors to grow and expand the Citizen One network. While Citizen One Media LLC’s investors are here to make a profit, our primary mission is to fund the operations and growth of Citizen One Inc. We believe it is possible to do well by doing good.