Cloverdale Community School’s December Board Meeting and Students of the Month

Written on 12/16/2021

The Cloverdale Community School’s Board Meeting commenced on December 13th, 2021 at 7:04 PM. Members of the Board that were present included Joe Mann, Mike Rightmyer II, Vivian Whitaker, Greg Linton, Duane Huge, Arvel Hinton, and Katrina Lewis. They started their meeting by congratulating the Students of the month of Cloverdale Elementary, Middle, and High School. The first to be congratulated was the student of the month for Cloverdale Elementary, Austin Vermillion. He was nominated for his good behavior and for his representation of what a student should be. Next up was student of the month for Cloverdale Middle, Meghan Halloran. She was nominated for her leadership qualities. The last student up was Christopher Benitez of Cloverdale High who was nominated by several of the Cloverdale High School staff for his work ethic.

The next section of the event was an FFA presentation by Max Kaufman and Andrea Nees.  They presented to the board all the activities that FFA has presented to its members and their placements in FFA competitions, even having one of their teammates, Audrie Fulkerson, place second of 198 other competitors. Two teams also placed 20th and 18th in other competitions.

As the meeting was coming to a close, Cloverdale High School Principle, Sonny Stoltz, reviewed how the new Leader and Me program was affecting the High School. He described its continuous success, stating that, in time, it will become more than a program; it will become a way to bring the school together.

The last section of the meeting was school board requests. Some of the requests approved were grants for the schools; accepted donations to the high school; making deputy of the treasury a full-time position; two field trips; facility use of the high school for the moved Christmas concert, and approving personnel for boys basketball.

After all affairs were addressed, the board meeting came to a conclusion at 7:48 PM