Cloverdale Local Spring Break Ideas

Written on 03/16/2022

With Spring Break just around the corner, vacation plans don’t have to be all complicated. While your friends may be swimming in Florida, you could be having your own stay-cation right in your home. Here is a short list of local spring break ideas for your stay-cation.

1. Cagles Mill Lake

This spring break, why not relax on the banks of Cataract Lake. With the projected warm temperatures for next week, the lake will be a perfect spot for picnics, swimming, kayaking, and fishing. Take out your boats from the garage and head out on the water to explore the lake. Find wildlife in and around the lake such as fish, deer, turkey, eagles, etc. Head down the lake to see Cataract Falls, the largest waterfall in Indiana at a whopping 86 feet. Walk nature trails around the falls and take as many pictures as your heart desires!

2. Lieber Recreational Area

Just beyond Cagles Mill Lake is Lieber State Recreational Area. Here, you can learn about the natural wildlife through the nature center, play basketball with friends, go hiking on multiple trails, and have access to a swimming and fishing area on Cagles Mill Lake.

3. Spring Cleaning!

Does your wardrobe need a desperate cleaning out? How clean really is your home? Well now is the perfect time for a spring cleaning. And the best part is that you don’t need to go anywhere in order to clean and organize your living space. A few ways to spring clean include thoroughly dusting your home, wiping down your fridge and microwave, and cleaning out your junk drawer.

Those were just a few ways you can spend your spring break. Don’t forget to relax and have fun!