The Annual Cloverdale FFA Banquet Marks an End to a Successful Year

Written on 05/16/2022
Sierra Kelley

Cloverdale FFA held its annual awards banquet on Wednesday, May 11th. There were over 100 members and guests present at the ceremony. The members enjoyed a great meal and celebrated their successes of the year. It was a great night to be a Cloverdale FFA member and show all the progress that they continue to make!

LDE Awards: 

  • Participating in the Freshman Prepared Public Speaking Contest: Leah Friend – Placing 3rd
  • Participating in the Extemporaneous Public Speaking Contest: Abagayle Welton
  • Participating in the Freshman Extemporaneous Public Speaking Contest: Sophia Baumunk – Placing 3rd
  • Participating in the Essay Contest:  Carson Hall
  • Participating in the Animal Science Demonstration: Kayley Winkles
  • Participating in Horticulture Demonstration: Max Kaufman and Jimmy Kendall – Placing 3rd
  • Participating in Plant and Soil Science Demonstration: Sierra Kelley and Savannah Hubble 
  • Participating in Natural Resources Demonstration: Alayna Oberkrom and Ella Szczerbik – Placing 3rd
  • Participating in Agricultural Farm Business Management Demonstration: Andrea Nees – Placing 3rd
  • Participating in Agricultural Mech and Tech Demonstration: Casey Miller and Nathan Hamilton
  • Participating in the Discovery Degree Plant and Soil Science Demonstration: Mackenzie Farmer – Placing 3rd
  • Participating in the Discovery Degree Animal Science Demonstration: Haley Lehr
  • Participating in the Discovery Degree Food Science Demonstration: Haylee Duncan and Sally Meehan – placing 3rd
  • Participating in the Discovery Degree Horticulture Demonstration: Ella Dicken and Alaina Day – placing 3rd
  • Placing 3rd in High School Quiz Bowl: Sierra Kelley, Sophia Baumunk, Emily Mann, and Nathan Mann
  • Placing 2nd in Discovery Quiz Bowl: Hudson Young, Dylan Watts, Ella Dicken, Mackenzie Farmer
  • Exhibit: Emily Mann and Nathan Mann

Parliamentary Procedure Awards: 

Participating in Senior Division and placing 4th at the district: Andrea Nees, Emily Mann, Abby Nees, Chloe Couch, Nathan Mann, Daphanie Geiger, and Kaitlen Kerr

Participating in the Novice Division and placing 4th at the district: Mackenzie Farmer, Ella Dicken, Makayla Johnson, Trinity Tingle, Chloe Inman, Haley Lehr, and Kaidence Salsbury 

Agriscience Fair Awards: 

  • In Food Products and Processing Systems- Jimmy Kendall and Carson Hall – Division 4 Winners and National Qualifiers

Chloe Couch and Abby Nees – Division 4

  • In Animal Systems –

Daphanie Geiger – Division 3

Max Kaufman and Emmett Manion – Division 4 Winners

Emily Sims and Kayla Kyle – Division 6

  • In Social Science Systems – 

Emily Sims – Division 5 Winner

Hailee Young – Division 5

Brady Mann and Sadie Priest – Division 6

Michaela Nees and Chloe Smith – Division 6 Winners

  • State FFA Convention 2021 Freshman Public Speaking: Emily Mann  

Forestry Awards: 

Forestry Area contest: Alayna Oberkrom, Jimmy Kendall, Ella Szczerbik, Casey Miller, Nathan Hamiltion, and Carson Hall

The members competing at the Area and State Contest were:

Audrie Fulkerson (placing 2nd in the state as an individual out of 191 participants), Max Kaufman, Bronson Burk, Sierra Kelley, Colin Sturgeon, Andrea Nees, Emily Mann, and Savannah Hubble

Livestock Skill-a-thon Awards: 

Competing in Area Contest: Sierra Kelley, Savannah Hubble, and Nathan Mann 

Chapter Awards: 

  • Top Fundraiser Award: Colin Sturgeon
  • Outstanding Achievement Award: Emily Mann
  • Workhorse Award: Emmett Manion
  • Outstanding Service Award: Chloe Couch 
  • Outstanding Leadership Award: Savannah Hubble
  • Outstanding Middle School member: Mackenzie Farmer 
  • Outstanding 9th Grade member: Nathan Mann
  • Outstanding 10th Grade member: Sierra Kelley 
  • Outstanding 11th Grade member: Max Kaufman
  • Outstanding 12 Grade Member: Audrie Fulkerson 
  • Earn your corduroy: Carson Hall, Sophia Baumunk, and James Kendall
  • Honorary Membership: Mr. Chris Kaufman 
  • Senior Cords: Audrie Fulkerson, Sydney Willis, Nathan Hamilton, Casey Miller

Retiring Officers:

Serving as Sentinel, Sierra Kelley

Serving as Reporter, Savannah Hubble

Serving as Treasurer, Max Kaufman

Serving as Secretary, Chloe Couch

Serving as Freshman Vice President, Nathan Mann

Serving as Sophomore Vice President, Bronson Burk

Serving as Junior Vice President, Abby Nees 

Serving as Vice President, Emily Mann

Serving as President, Andrea Nees

New Officers: 

President – Emily Mann

Vice President – Sierra Kelley 

Secretary – Andrea Nees

Treasurer – Savannah Hubble

Reporter – Abby Nees

Sentinel – Ella Dicken

Vice President 12th – Chloe Couch  

Vice President 10th – Nathan Mann

Vice President 9th – Mackenzie Farmer

Congratulations to all members and their achievements throughout the year!