Students and Teachers of the Month for October 2022

Written on 11/07/2022

Every month Cloverdale Community Schools honors one student and one teacher from every building with an award to recognize their hard work. This month the students that received this award were Tyson McCammon, Conner Bates, and Abigail Nees. Tyson was spoken very highly of by his teachers and the Cloverdale Elementary School principal Mrs.Elkins. He is a positive person and a good role model for the students around him. It was noted in the board meeting that nobody loves recess more than Tyson. Conner Bates is an eighth grader at Cloverdale Middle School. He was presented with the award on account of his polite and kind nature. He works very hard in school and shows an interest in history. Our Cloverdale Middle School principal, Mrs. Tucker noted that he is always kind to her and the other faculty members. Abby Nees is a student at Cloverdale High School. The staff had nothing but great things to say about her. She is a hardworking and well-rounded student. She is a participant in multiple extracurriculars and is overall a great role model for her classmates.

The teachers that were acknowledged for their hard work and dedication were Mrs. Crum, Mr. Brantson Scott, and Mrs. McMasters. These educators stood out this month for their devotion to their students and their work.