Senior Superlatives

Written on 11/15/2022

Every year, around the same time, the seniors at Cloverdale High School take a short class trip to Cataract falls to take a group senior picture. In the past, the class would vote on superlatives for the yearbook, and then each person would take a picture for the superlative they got voted for. For each superlative, a guy and a girl will be voted. Due to a lack of response from students and indecisive voting in the Senior Class they will be revoting later in the winter with new superlatives.

The superlatives that the Senior Class voted for last week are the following:

Most artistic: Caleb Ledbetter and Riley Bates
Best personality: Carson Hall and Daphaine Gieger
Best Dressed: Jacob Simpson and Lillie Jones
Best Nickname: Jesse Miller and Ludovica Savoiani
Most Athletic: Levi Hilton and Andrea Nees
Most likely to skip school: Garrett Monnett and Biz Dorman
Most talented: Carson Hall and Audrie Fagg
Most Versatile: Carson Hall and Abby Nees
Most dependable: Carson Hall and Chloe Couch
Most studious: Carson Hall and Emma Paauwe_
Most school spirit: Carson Hall and Kiersten Wade
Most competitive: Levi Hilton and Peyton Bell
Biggest Flirt: Levi Hilton and Hailey Caulkins
Best Smile: Ryan Walton and Chloe Couch
Most random: Jaden Maldonado and Riley Bates
Best hair: Killian Dewey and Tara Wainscott
Most likely to run for political office: Carson Hall and Emma Paauwe
Class clown: Jesse Miller and Ella Szczerbik
Always needs a ride: Gabe McDougall and IIse Bouwmeester
Most easygoing: Mcguire Lee and Jaidyn Helton

As the newest superlatives have just been released, we have not yet received the names of those who won the superlatives. The newest superlatives are the best trio, prettiest eyes, most likely to get married first, marry for money, a teacher’s pet, and who you would be stranded on an island with.