2022 Fall Concert Overview

Written on 11/15/2022

On October 28, the Cloverdale High School Band held its annual Fall concert. Playing pieces such as “Funkytown” and “Dirty Little Secret,” the band did an outstanding job. Being a member of the band, I know how hard my peers practiced in order to put out a good performance. The program started at 7:00 pm and consisted of the pieces, “Funkytown,” “Dirty Little Secret,” “The Horse,” “High Hopes”, “Seven Nation Army,” and “Born to be Wild.”

These pop hits created an atmosphere of excitement during the performance, as it felt as though each member of the band had fun playing each piece. It was amazing to hear the band’s performance, as almost everyone in the audience knew each song by heart. Listening to pieces that everyone knew and loved was a nostalgic feeling that I will not soon forget.

While it may look simple to play these pieces and perform them, do not be fooled. This concert took many weeks of preparation and practice in order for it to come together. And that is only half the battle. The other half is actually working up the courage and nerve to perform in front of friends and family. Based on its performance, the band excelled in these areas and I cannot wait to see the next performance.