2022 CHS Theater Show “Death By Chocolate” Overview

Written on 12/02/2022

On November 18 and November 19, the Cloverdale High School Theater Club performed their rendition of “Death by Chocolate,” a murder mystery comedy. The show’s summary is provided here:

Members of the newly renovated Meadowbrook Health Resort are dropping like flies, including famed chef Edith Chiles (Phoenix Breedlove)! On the eve of the grand re-opening, this is not the best advertisement. It’s up to John Stone (Timmy Hiatt), the manager, to find the cause and the murderer. Delightfully sarcastic and cynical, Stone finds himself teaming up with Ed Parlor (Landon Shaw), mystery writer, and amateur sleuth, in a wacky race against time. The clues point to a sinister box of chocolates, and the suspects include all the outlandish characters working for the resort. Could it be Lady Riverdale (Sierra Kelley), owner of the resort, and a woman with dark secrets? Or Ralph Deadwood (Kelton Fulkerson), gym instructor and all-around cad? Dick Simmering (Manny McDougall), the aerobics instructor? Anne (Ella Szczerbik), the panic-stricken nurse? Or could it be “Sweet Pea” Meadowbrook (Alayna Oberkrom), the overweight and grieving daughter of the recently deceased founder of the resort? Death by Chocolate combines all the elements of classic murder mysteries with a scathing satire of today’s health crazes.

Overall, the performance was a treat to watch, especially as a stage crew member. It was extremely rewarding to see all of the hard work my peers did pay off in the end in the form of a great performance. I will be looking forward to what the drama club will have next to offer.

The cast list is as follows:

Lady Riverdale – Sierra Kelley
Dyslexia – Aleah Harris
John Stone – Timmy Hiatt
Ralph Deadwood – Kelton Fulkerson
Margaret Daniels – Hannah Baker
Alfred Mellox – Jacob Whitinger
Edith Chiles – Phoenix Breedlove
Sweet Pea Meadowbrook – Alayna Oberkrom
Dick Simmering – Manny McDougall
Anne – Ella Szczerbik
Ed Parlor – Landon Shaw
Henry Meadowbrook – Mr. Brad Sandy
Student Director – Isabella Oberkrom
Stage Manager – Emma Paauwe and Savannah Hubble
Crew – Jacob Simpson, Emma Paauwe, Autumn Wheeler, Maisie McKibben, Savannah Hubble
Lights – Peyton McKibben
Director – Mr. Brad Sandy