Cloverdale’s #1 Wrestler!

Written on 03/03/2023

Daphanie Geiger is Cloverdale’s one and only wrestler! She does it all, from cheerleading to wrestling. She also won this year’s individual Good Citizen Award! She wrestles in the 126 weight pound class and has a score of 18-2. She is coached by Wade Warren and Cody Lindsay.

Daphanie says, “This year has definitely been not at all what I was expecting. At the start of the season we had seven people, little by little they stopped showing up, eventually it was just me left. At first, it was super hard for me to deal with because I know I’m not a very good wrestler, but I tried my best and I wasn’t going to quit because it’s fun and I enjoy it. Throughout the season, it did get better. I turned my perspective around and was like I have two personal coaches now and it was great because I got full attention the entire practice and we were able to work solely on the things I needed.” This is the great optimism that gets Daphanie to where she is.

She says, “Throughout the season it did get better. I turned my perspective around. I would feel like my coach was disappointed and embarrassed of me, but I knew that it wasn’t true. He is very proud of me. I knew I was getting better, I could see the improvements. Some matches I was perfectly fine with losing because I knew I gave my best fight and I did everything right. Not all matches were like that. During girls regionals, I was wrestling this girl and I was pinning her but I messed up and she flipped me over and I couldn’t get out, and she ended up winning that match. I was so mad at myself, I knew not to make that mistake, but it was too late and there isn’t anything I can do now. I’m so lucky to have the coach I have, he is so supportive and he cares about me, he knows how I feel and gives me the space I need before critiquing me and he never gets angry with me as long as I was trying my best. Although this season isn’t ideal and it isn’t always great, I’m so glad that I stuck it out and made the best of it. All of the memories I made will stick with me forever. I feel like I grew a lot during this season and I can honestly say, looking back, that I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Daphanie should be an inspiration in dedication and persistence to all young kids! With her wrestling season coming to an end, we’d like to give a shout out to Daphanie, for all of her hard work this season.