Senior Citizen Prom

Written on 04/25/2023

A "surfin" prom night, hosted by Student Council!

On April 15, Cloverdale High School’s Student Council and FCCLA hosted a “surfin” prom night! The theme for the night was “USA Beach Party.” FCCLA provided an array of food, from sand and ocean cupcakes to fruit kabobs. Though the turnout wasn’t what everyone had hoped, the community members and students who came made the most of it, dancing to songs like “Cotton Eye Joe” and “Hooked On A Feeling,” taking turns doing karaoke, and even playing a game of beach volleyball!

A huge shout out to Audrie Grimes, Julie Dix, and the entirety of Student Council and FCCLA for pulling together this amazing night. This yearly tradition had an unfortunate stop with COVID, but it’s back and better! Be prepared for next years theme and spread the word. We hope to see any and all of ya’ll at next years blast in the past!