Welcome to the Citizen One News Pilot Project. Citizen One is a new initiative designed to accomplish three things – provide a source for local community news, educate students and citizens about media literacy, and help local businesses connect with their customers. This Pilot Project is a first step in establishing a nation-wide network of localized, community Citizen One bureaus.

Our goal with this Pilot Project is simple – we are trying lots of different things to see what works, and what doesn’t. This applies to everything from the kinds of stories we produce to the technology we use to produce them, the processes for creation and editing of stories, how we get the community and students involved, and what kinds of educational materials we will need to provide.

We are glad you’re here, and our hope is this service fills the void left by the thousands of local newspapers that have ceased operations. We hope it helps our students and citizens better interpret media and information. We hope it gives small local businesses a way to grow. Most of all, we hope this brings us all together around a common bond – the community we all live in.